Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2008 Experience - Back in Training for Kokoda Track

Back in training for the Kokoda Track
So we had our group together, and began training for Kokoda. My training was not as extensive/intensive as last year, but having achieved the track last year, I felt I knew what was in store, first signs of complacency – dangerous situation! Anyway we did some walks in the Grampians, Timboon and locally, as well as Cradle Mountain in April, and a section of the Great Ocean Walk (which turned a little farcical when I realised halfway across that I had left my car keys in Janet’s car at the other end - first signs of Alzheimer’s?). Bobby and Knoxie were hard at it in the Grampians, as were Bill & Cee, Bobby and Knoxie thought they would emulate weight carrying by carrying chains in their packs, which was an interesting enterprise, not very good weight distribution? Finally the time arrived when I did my customary drive up to Noosa for Boot Camp, Janet joined me there late in the week, I sprained my ankle late in the piece, a cause of concern, but not undue. I visited the chiropractor on our day of departure, which sorted me out a little bit, anyway we headed down the Bruce Highway with Janet & Charles, ran into a car park about halfway down, very slow progress, I think we were the last ones to report in to the hotel except for Street and Mike. On the way Janet rang her son Woody in Perth hoping he would wish his mother, brother and uncle good luck for their impending trek, only to be asked if we had enjoyed our walk! So we gathered and headed for the Cha Cha Char Restaurant, which wasn’t quite up to its standing of last year, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless, and headed for bed early in anticipation of the morrow.


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